Our Elluminate Mini is a non-invasive procedure that uses an Nd:Yag laser which emits a wavelength of 1064 Nm. This ideal wavelength targets all tissues of the skin, hemoglobin, melanin and water to address most issues in one treatment. This gentle treatment is often called laser genesis or a laser facial. It works by gently heating the skin, with a fast pulse, mild energy and constant movement of the hand piece resulting in the production of new skin cells and collagen, while breaking up unwanted pigment and redness.

Since this is a non-invasive, truly zero downtime laser treatment, best results are seen with a series of treatments three to four weeks apart. After each treatment your skin will get brighter, pores smaller, and fine lines less noticeable. Added bonus is hair reduction on the treated area.

The heat from the laser is enough to constrict unwanted surface blood vessels to improve redness and the look of rosacea. Another benefit, the heat is enough to kill acne bacteria leading to clearer skin and less future breakouts. This versatile, multi-purpose treatment is also safe for all skin type and colors