Treatment solutions for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is very common skin condition and usually trigged by hormonal changes, aging, skin injuries and/or excessive sun exposure. But what is hyperpigmentation? According to Wikipedia ”In dermatology, hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails caused by increased melanin.” There’s two types of pigmentation disorders that usually treated by aestheticians, post inflammatory pigmentation, usually cost by skin injury, such as acne and hyperpigmentation.

Most form of hyperpigmentation is caused by an excess production of melanin. Normal melanin production can be disturbed by aging process, hormonal imbalance (such as pregnancy) and/or skin injury. People with darker Asian, Mediterranean or African skin tones are also more prone to hyperpigmentation, especially if they have excess sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation cure

People affected with hyperpigmentation should be armed with time and patients before starting a treatment. Hyperpigmentation is takes time to be lifted and even when the problem is taking care of, clients should continue professional home regiment to prevent discolorations from coming back. Remember that our skin calls have memory and once damaged they will always grow back discolored unless professional products with melanin inhibitors applied daily to prevent it from happening.

Professional most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation is chemical peels that include AHA’s and BHA’s such as salicylic acid, Kojic acid, tretinoin (Retinol), licorice root and hydroquinone. Desert Bloom skin care offers superficial chemical peels that combine several active ingredients that not only bleach the skin but also work as melanin inhibitors.


  1. Custom chemical peel$95
    45 minutes
  2. Dermaplaning skin resurfacing$100
    60 minutes
  3. Flawless Skin: iontophoresis facial & sonophoresis$249
    90 min
  4. HydraFacial$299
    45 minutes and up
  5. Laser facial$275
    60 minutes
  6. Laser resurfacing treatment$675
    30 and up
  7. Photo Facial$575
    15 minutes and up
  8. Unicorn Facial | PRX-T33$950 / 4 treatments

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