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Clearer, brighter, and healthier skin

Are you a teenager suffering from occasional breakouts and looking for a way to improve your skin in Scottsdale? Look no further than a professional Teen Facial at Desert Bloom.

Our trained estheticians will customize a treatment that addresses the specific needs of teenage skin, such as acne and oil control, while also promoting relaxation and overall skin health.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve the clear and healthy skin you desire. Visit our clinic Desert Bloom in Scottsdale today and schedule your appointment for a professional Teen Facial.

About Teen facial

Teen facial is a cosmetic procedure specifically tailored for teenagers, that involves cleansing, exfoliating, and extractions to improve skin health and appearance.

The cost of a Teen facial is $55, it takes 30 minutes for the procedure. Recovery time is minimal, with most patients returning to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Common side effects of a Teen facial include temporary redness, dryness or slight swelling, but these usually resolve quickly.

How teen facial works

Short but deep cleansing facial especially designed for teen’s skin, include, custom cleansing, gentle enzyme exfoliation with steam, or application of Detox gel, depending on severity of breakouts. Followed but extractions, high frequency applied after to promote skin healing and kill acne causing bacteria. Facial completed with custom care cream and sun block.

  • Very effective treatment to combat teenage breakouts and acne
  • Customizable depending on severity of breakouts
  • Inexpensive
teen's skin


This innovative method uses small quantities of harvested abdominal fat to achieve natural rejuvenation of the face.

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