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Revive your youthful appearance

Are you looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin and reduce the signs of aging? Mesotherapy for the face treatment may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Imagine having a more youthful, refreshed, and hydrated skin, with a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Mesotherapy for the face treatment can help you achieve that!

Don’t wait any longer to achieve the youthful look you desire. Visit our clinic Desert Bloom in Scottsdale today and schedule your appointment for Mesotherapy for the face treatment.

About mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy treatment is a procedure that involves injecting a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the skin to improve its appearance. The cost of mesotherapy typically starts at $85 (1ml mesotherapy skin rejuvenation), but can vary depending on the number of sessions required and size of area treated.

The procedure usually takes around 30-60 minutes. Recovery time is minimal, with most patients returning to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Common side effects include mild pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site. These side effects usually resolve within a few hours post treatment.

What is mesotherapy?

This treatment is a very effective and affordable option for facial rejuvenation. Procedure targets a very superficial layer of the skin, epidermis, stimulating production of new skin cells, keratinocytes, resulting in blighter, more radiant, hydrated and youthful complexion. Think of this treatment as vitamin infusion for your skin. Procedure was discovered by a French dermatologist, who coined the term based on the Greek word  meso meaning middle and referring to the mid layer of the skin between dermis and epidermis, where keratinocytic stem cells are located. The vitamin rich products, enriched with plant stem cells, plant extracts, hyaluronic acid and other cofactors, are delivered to these stem cells, resulting in skin rejuvenation. This cosmetic procedure consists of micro injections directly under the skin with a very fine small needle.

What is mesotherapy

How mesotherapy works?

This treatment is a very effective and affordable option for facial rejuvenation. Mesotherapy involves micro injections directly into the mesoderm, which is the middle layer of the skin, using a very fine small short needle. Mesotherapy needles are specifically designed to deliver the product to the mid layer of the skin, causing minimal trauma. Even for someone, who doesn’t feel comfortable around needles, cosmetic treatment typically does not cause any significant discomfort. The magical cocktail injected into your skin contains various vitamins, amino acids, plant stem cells and plant DNA to stimulate collagen production, and deeply nourish your skin to boost its radiance, correct pigment disorders, improve hydration level and correct fine lines. We use superior products imported from Paris, France to deliver the best result for our clients.

Types of mesotherapy treatments

At Desert Bloom Skin care we offer mesotherapy treatments for the face, hands, decolletage and neck rejuvenation. Procedure for the face is recommended as age prevention treatment for patients 25 – 45 years old. Keep in mind this treatment will not erase existing static lines, but will help to deeply hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkle formation. We love pairing mesotherapy treatments with other aesthetic injectables, such as PDO threads, dermal fillers, and neurotoxins.

How mesotherapy works

Mesotherapy treatment plan for your skin

For optimal results, we recommend a series of three to five treatments, with one treatment every 7-21 days. Best age to start treatment, to prevent premature aging, is in late 20s, early 30s, however, any client 25 years or older can benefit from this deeply nourishing treatment. The treatment requires no downtime, typical side effects include minor bruising, mild redness and minor bleeding at the injection site. This treatment can be performed on the face, neck, chest or hands. 2ml of mesotherapy solution is typically enough to perform the whole face treatment. Additional 1 ml is needed for neck or chest rejuvenation. Schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss a mesotherapy treatment plan for your skin.

Post treatment recommendations

Overall, mesotherapy treatment can serve as a great introduction to injectable treatments of aesthetic medicine. It will help to improve and maintain skin health and quality. Immediately after the treatment expect mild redness and visible small bumps from injection sites, which will resolve after 15-30 minutes post injections. We recommend not to exercise or expose your face to heat, not even hot water, for 48 hours post injections. Make up is also not recommended for the first 24 hours, to minimize risk of secondary injections. Please call us with any questions about procedure or skin rejuvenation (480) 567-8180

Mesotherapy treatment plan

How much does mesotherapy cost on average?

The cost of mesotherapy can vary widely based on several factors, including the experience of the practitioner, the number of sessions required, the specific area being treated, and the type of substances used in the injections.

At Desert Bloom Skincare Center, the cost of mesotherapy usually begins at $85 for 1ml of mesotherapy skin rejuvenation. The total price may vary depending on the number of sessions needed and the size of the area being treated.

Beaitician holds a syringe with an injection Mesotherapy

The benefits of mesotherapy for Facial Rejuvenation

Non-invasive procedure: This procedure is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves injecting small amounts of medicine or vitamins directly into the skin.

Effective for skin rejuvenation: It is often used for skin rejuvenation and to improve skin tone, texture and hydration.

Targeted treatment: The treatment can be precisely targeted to specific areas, allowing for a more customized and effective treatment.

Quick recovery time: Unlike other cosmetic procedures, there is typically no downtime associated with mesotherapy, and patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Minimal side effects: The procedure is relatively safe with minimal side effects, such as redness and swelling, which usually resolve quickly.

Suitable for various skin conditions: It can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite, and hair loss.

Benefits of mesotherapy

Areas for correction mesotherapy

This treatment can be used to treat a variety of cosmetic concerns and skin conditions, including:

Fine lines and wrinkles: It can be used to hydrate the skin and improve its texture and elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in treatment area.

Cellulite: The procedure can be used to target the underlying causes of cellulite, such as poor circulation and hormonal imbalances in problem areas.

Skin hydration: It can be used to hydrate the skin and improve its overall appearance, making it look more youthful and radiant.

Acne: The procedure can be used to treat acne by delivering vitamins, antioxidants and other active ingredients directly to the skin to help reduce inflammation and improve skin health.

Scarring: The procedure can be used to help improve the appearance of minor scars by delivering nutrients and antioxidants directly to the affected area during sessions.

Areas for correction mesotherapy

Treatment of melasma with mesotherapy

This procedure is one of the few options that is safe to treat melasma. We use mesotherapy cocktails with glutathione and vitamin C to brighten the skin and suppress melanocyte function. This treatment has not shown to be effective for stretch marks or acne scars. We recommend trying other services we offer, such as resurfacing laser treatments and PDO threads.


What substances are typically used in mesotherapy injections?

Amino Acids: Essential building blocks of proteins, amino acids are used for their skin-repairing properties and collagen production.

Multivitamins: Various vitamins, such as vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and antioxidants, may be included in formulations to nourish and revitalize the skin.

Plant Extracts: These can include extracts from artichoke, centella asiatica, or other botanical sources, and they are used for their potential benefits on skin health and cellulite reduction.

Minerals: Certain minerals like zinc and copper may be added to the injections for their skin-supporting properties.

Growth Factors: These naturally occurring proteins may be included to promote tissue repair and rejuvenation.


Fat Reduction Methods: Liposuction, Injection Lipolysis, Mesotherapy

Liposuction is a surgery that takes out excess fat cells from certain body areas. It’s seen as a better way to deal with stubborn fat compared to superficial injections. Liposuction can remove fat cells from various body regions, like the abdomen, buttocks, and other areas with thick fat layers. This leads to more significant and longer-lasting body contouring results.

Injection lipolysis, done with Kybella injections or its generic alternative PCDC, can reduce small amounts of fat, but it’s not meant for overall fat loss. It’s important to know that Kybella injections might cause significant swelling, so be prepared for about 14 days of downtime if you choose these treatments.

You may also consider Cool Sculpting or True Sculpt. These treatments are non-invasive and use controlled cooling or radiofrequency energy to target and reduce fat cells in specific areas, helping with body contouring. 

Moreover, to reduce body fat and manage weight effectively, it’s crucial to stick to a healthy diet and proper nutrition. 

Mesotherapy fat removal

Understanding Mesotherapy as a Noninvasive Alternative to Plastic Surgery for Fat Removal

Mesotherapy, a noninvasive technique that involves the injection of medications like phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate to break up fat in the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm), is often considered as an alternative to plastic surgery, particularly liposuction, for eliminating unwanted fat. Unlike liposuction, mesotherapy doesn’t require surgical incisions or the use of a surgical vacuum.

However, the effectiveness of mesotherapy in fat removal is uncertain since there’s limited research on its efficacy, and its methods may vary depending on the location where it is performed. Clinical trials to support its effectiveness are lacking in the United States.

It’s important to note that the American Society for Plastic Surgeons doesn’t recommend mesotherapy or similar noninvasive treatments like injection lipolysis for fat removal due to insufficient evidence of their effectiveness.

Body Liposculpture Procedure, Fat removal

Limitations of Mesotherapy for Fat Removal

Mesotherapy, a non-invasive technique used for fat removal, has certain limitations that need to be considered. It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has not fully approved this procedure for fat removal.

While some practitioners, including licensed MDs in the field of dermatology, may offer mesotherapy treatments, the effectiveness and safety of the procedure are still subjects of ongoing research. The long-term results and potential risks are not entirely established.

Additionally, mesotherapy relies on injections of medications to target and break down fat cells. However, the precise mechanism of how these injections affect fat cells and the body’s response to them remains an area of investigation.

Furthermore, the selection and composition of the medications may vary, and there is no standardized approach to the procedure. This lack of consistency can impact the predictability and reproducibility of the outcomes.

Limitations of Mesotherapy for Fat Removal

Why we do not recommend mesotherapy for Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring

In our practice, we do not endorse mesotherapy for cellulite reduction and body contouring purposes. Instead, we advocate for proven localized fat removal treatments like Liposuction, Cool Sculpting, or True Sculpt, which have shown better effectiveness.

These injections involve superficial administration of caffeine and plant extracts, but we have found that these methods are not as effective as the treatments we offer for achieving the desired body contouring, fat reduction, and weight loss results. Our goal is to provide safe and effective solutions, and we believe that opting for established approaches yields more satisfactory outcomes.

Do not recommend

Common side effects of mesotherapy include:

Bruising: Injections into the skin can cause some mild bruising, which should resolve within a few days.

Swelling: There may be some swelling at the injection site, which should resolve within a few hours to a day.

Pain or discomfort: Some patients may experience mild pain or discomfort during the procedure, but this is typically well-tolerated.

Infection: As with any injection, there is a small risk of infection at the injection site.

In terms of recovery, this treatment is a relatively low-risk and minimally invasive procedure, so most people are able to return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. There is usually no downtime associated with mesotherapy, and patients can return to work and other activities right away. 

Dark circles and bags under the eyes: It can be used to improve the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes by delivering vitamins and antioxidants directly to the skin.

Side effects

Is mesotherapy painful? Is anesthesia used?

The level of pain experienced during procedure can vary from person to person. Some individuals may feel minimal discomfort during the injections, while others may experience slightly more pain. The sensation is often described as a series of small pinpricks or stinging sensations at the injection sites.

To help minimize any potential discomfort, practitioners may use topical or local anesthetics before the procedure. These anesthetics are applied to the treatment area, numbing the skin and reducing sensitivity, making the injections more tolerable.

However, it’s essential to remember that pain tolerance is subjective, and the perception of pain can differ from person to person. If you are considering mesotherapy, it’s a good idea to discuss pain management options with your healthcare provider beforehand to ensure a comfortable experience during the procedure.

Why needless mesotherapy and home mesotherapy devices are inferior or even dangerous?

Additionally, we do not endorse needle-based cosmetic treatments, as we find them equally effective compared to traditional facial treatments. Our center believes in the effectiveness of HydraFacial treatment. It delivers remarkable results at a more affordable cost compared to overrated needle-based mesotherapy treatments.

Moreover, we advise against using face rollers or guns, particularly at home, due to the inability to adequately sterilize these devices. Improper sterilization can lead to serious injection-related issues and potential health risks.

Injection guns can also cause significant injury to the tissue and should only be used by certified medical professionals. At our office we prefer to use sterile single use syringes, which are disposed immediately after the treatment. We also use sterile single use needles and sterile single use Aquagold device, all FDA approved for dermal injections.

Home mesotherapy devices

Last word about mesotherapy injections

Overall, mesotherapy at Desert Bloom Skin Care Center is an effective and safe solution for rejuvenating the skin. This procedure offers high customization, allowing it to address distinct skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite. As a result, it delivers outstanding and tailored outcomes.

Our team, led by Dr. Natalya Borakowski, will work closely with you. Together, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan that matches your specific needs and goals. Whether you seek skin hydration, reduction of fine lines, or cellulite treatment, mesotherapy presents a versatile and successful choice.

So why wait? Schedule your consultation today and find out how mesotherapy can help you achieve the youthful, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Natalya Borakowski

Consultation in skin care clinic

Desert Bloom Skincare Center offers personalized skincare consultation to help you achieve a flawless and radiant complexion. Book your appointment today and let our expert team of skincare professionals address your specific concerns and help you reach your skincare goals.

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