Acne problem and solutions.

In skin care industry acne has become the most common skin problem for many people. If you were to ask any grown adult, man or woman, what his or her biggest skin concern is (or was), you would most likely get the answer that would overwhelmingly state breakouts. The skin type of every individual is different, even if they do fall into a general category – oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Likewise, the issues faced by each individual with regards to his or her skin would be just as different.

Blemishes is a common skin issue that affects the multitude at one point or another in their lives – if not in youth, which is most common, then surely into the early years of adulthood. It can take the form of a pimples(pustules), whiteheads(milia), or blackheads(comedones).

So what cause it?

How come people with oily skin are most easily prone to blemishes and infections that persons with other skin types? Breakouts can be caused by anything which clogs the pores of the skin thereby preventing the natural oils or sebum of the skin glands to be released onto the skin surface. When the skin’s pores become clogged and sebum has nowhere else to go, it ‘backs up’ until it forms a pimple, blackhead or whitehead. Excessive dirt and oil on the surface can cause excessive pore blockage, which often results in the more severe types of acne disorders. These are different to outbreaks which would simply occur once in a while – if your skin is too oily (due to imbalanced hormone production) then the incidence of outbreak would always be common.

Acne cure

Modern skin care products target the problem with several different strategies—some work by reducing the production of the oil glands, others by killing the P. acnes bacteria that cause the eruption, and others reduce the build-up of dead skin cells that leads to clogged pores. Desert Bloom skin care center offers various products and services for breakouts troubled patients, one of the most successful treatments combine series of chemical peels and oxygen treatment. We recommend doing series of 6 peels followed with Oxygen treatment that help skin to heal and also destroy bacteria.

What can i do to reduce acne scarring?

First, stop extracting pustules yourself! Second, schedule deep cleansing facial and as soon as you get your breakouts under control, start series of microdermabrasion treatments. Microdermabrasion is a mix of gentle abrasion and suction, helps to remove dead skin cells, even out skin tone and stimulate blood circulation. Remember there’s no magic wand that will erase your scarring in one day, be patient, stick to your plan and after 3-4 treatments you’ll see amazing results.

I have a pimple, should i try to extract it myself?

Please don’t! Let your aesthetician do the job. Many people do not extract pustule (pimple) completely causing infection to spread, or extract it over and over again causing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring. So save yourself some time and future headache and schedule 30 minutes cleansing facial.

Does tanning really clear up acne?

Unfortunately no, it might give you false satisfaction by making your skin look little more even toned but it will not prevent or cure any existing break outs, plus too much tanning can cause sun damage, hyperpigmentation, skin thickening and even skin cancer. So always limit your sun exposure and reapply your sun block frequently if you spending more then 30 minutes on the sun.


  1. Custom chemical peel$95
    45 minutes
  2. Detox acne treatment$100
    60 minutes
  3. Erbium Laser Resurfacing$675
    45 minutes and up
  4. HydraFacial$299
    45 minutes and up
  5. Laser facial$275
    60 minutes
  6. Pure oxygen acne treatment$115
    60 minutes
  7. RF Microneedling$800
    90 and up
  8. Teen facial$55
    30 minutes
  9. Unicorn Facial | PRX-T33$950 / 4 treatments

Consultation in skin care clinic

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