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Plasma Pen skin tightening is a new revolutionary method to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin.



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How Plasma Pen works

Plasma Pen skin tightening is a new revolutionary method to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin. This minimally invasive treatment uses high intensity spark to instantly evaporate skin, creating small carbon dots. This process creates instant tightening of the skin, which lasts for couple years. Keep in mind, we cannot stop your skin from ageing, so great anti-ageing skin care is essential to preserve the results created by Plasma Pen.

Ideal candidate is a man or woman with visible wrinkling and loose skin, Fitzpatrick skin tone I-III. Clients with darker skin tones will need individual evaluation to be considered for Plasma Pen procedure. Other contraindications include history of keloid scarring, poor wound healing, presence or history of chronic disease, such as diabetes, and pregnancy.

The treatment causes minimal discomfort and recovery time is less than a week. This procedure can treat gentle skin around the eyes, eliminating drooping of the eye lips, and fine lines on the lower eye lid and crow’s feet. Other areas include forehead, mouth, neck, abdomen, chest and so much more. Please review our before and after gallery to see what Plasma Pen can do.

Plasma Pen skin tightening is a direct alternative to plastic surgery and has gained huge popularity throughout Asia and Europe. However, it is just being introduced in United States. If you are considering Plasma Pen treatment, check if your practitioner is board certified aesthetician or medical professional. All professionals at Desert Bloom Skincare are board certified.

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