The Future of Skin Smoothness: Skinvive by Juvéderm FDA-Approved

Say hello to SkinVive by Juvéderm – a revolutionary treatment that has been FDA-approved to improve skin smoothness. But what is it, and how does it work? In this blog, we will dive deep into the science behind SkinVive and how it can benefit your skin.

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Skinvive by Juvéderm

What is SkinVive by Juvéderm?

Available now price $650 per treatment includes two syringes of Juvederm SkinVive

SkinVive by Juvéderm is a unique product that is FDA-approved for intradermal microdroplet injection to improve the skin quality category of the cheeks. It is an injectable gel that contains a small amount of local anesthetic to reduce discomfort during the injection process. Juvederm SkinVive is specifically designed to address an important unmet need in facial injectables, offering patients a therapeutic process that enhances their natural beauty.

The injection site and treatment area are carefully selected by a dermatologist to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. It is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types and is a category-creating HA product that complements the current collection of HA products from AbbVie, the parent company of Allergan Aesthetics.

The science behind SkinVive

The science behind SkinVive is based on a pivotal clinical study that evaluated the efficacy and safety of the injectable gel in improving the smoothness of the cheeks. The multicenter study involved 235 participants and was evaluator-blinded to ensure unbiased results. The primary endpoint of the study was the point improvement on the Allergan Cheek Smoothness Scale (ACSS) at week 12 post-treatment.

The results show that SkinVive provides lasting glow and contouring effects with minimal redness, swelling, or allergic reactions. It provided a statistically significant improvement in skin smoothness of the cheeks, as assessed by both the ACSS and a skin questionnaire. The product was well-tolerated, with tenderness, needle abrasion, lumps, bumps, and discoloration being the most commonly reported side effects. Severe side effects were rare, with only one participant experiencing a papule that resolved without intervention.

Macrene Alexiades, the lead investigator in the clinical trial and a renowned dermatologist, has highlighted that skin hydration is an extremely important factor in the dermatologic treatment regimen, and injection addresses this need.

Carrie Strom, the Senior Vice President of Global Allergan Aesthetics, has expressed her excitement about the launch of SkinVive, calling it a unique offering in the market. The development of Juvederm SkinVive is the result of AbbVie’s extensive experience and expertise in HA science, as well as its commitment to excellence in aesthetic treatments.

The clinical studies also showed that SkinVive has a duration of effect of up to 18 months, making it a long-lasting solution for improving skin smoothness. The product’s unique formulation, which includes lidocaine for added comfort during injection, provides a comfortable and safe treatment experience.

In summary, the science behind SkinVive is based on rigorous clinical studies that demonstrate its safety and efficacy in improving the smoothness of the cheeks. The product’s unique formulation and long-lasting effects make it a valuable addition to the dermatological surgery and skin care topics, providing a solution to the unmet need of patients looking for a lasting glow and contouring effects with minimal side effects.

How Juvederm SkinVive works

SkinVive by Juvéderm works by injecting hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body, into targeted areas of the skin. The injection site and treatment area are carefully selected by a dermatologist to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture and plump up the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This non-surgical treatment requires minimal downtime and can deliver long-lasting results of up to 24 months, depending on individual skin type and lifestyle factors. It is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types and can be used as an initial treatment or as part of a recurring series of treatments. 

Benefits of SkinVive injection by Juvéderm

Improved smoothness of the cheeks: Juvederm SkinVive can help improve the skin smoothness of the cheeks, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Enhanced skin quality: The injectable gel can enhance the overall quality of the facial skin, including its firmness and hydration.

It can be used in combination with other facial injectables or dermal fillers for body contouring.

Long-lasting effects: It provides long-lasting effects, reducing the need for frequent treatments.

Minimally invasive: It is a minimally invasive treatment option for achieving a lasting glow and improving the smoothness of the cheeks.

FDA Approval of SkinVive by Juvéderm

SkinVive by Juvederm is a recently FDA-approved injectable gel designed to improve skin quality and smoothness of the cheeks. The approval was granted after a rigorous process that evaluated the safety and efficacy of the product.

Overview of the FDA approval process

The FDA approval process requires manufacturers to submit extensive data from clinical trials, including information on the product’s composition, manufacturing process, and intended use. The clinical trials for the injectable gel were conducted by Macrene Alexiades, a renowned dermatologist and author in the field of skinmedica topics. The trials showed that gel is a safe and effective option for improving skin quality and smoothness of the cheeks.

What the FDA approval means for consumers

The approval from the FDA means that SkinVive has met all the necessary standards for safety and efficacy, giving consumers confidence in the product. It also means that injectable gel is now available to a wider range of consumers, allowing more people to benefit from the product’s skin care benefits.

For consumers, the FDA approval of SkinVive means that they can trust the product and the Abbvie Company’s extensive experience in the field of dermatological surgery. The approval also ensures that injectable gel is manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring that each injection is consistent and safe.

Availability of SkinVive by Juvéderm

SkinVive is an injectable gel that contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that helps to minimize discomfort during the treatment. It is a result of Abbvie Company’s extensive experience and expertise in the field of dermatological surgery and HA science. The clinical trial author, Macrene Alexiades, has shown through her skinmedica topics that Juvederm SkinVive is a safe and effective way to improve skin quality and smoothness of the cheeks, with minimal side effects.

When SkinVive will be available at Desert Bloom Skincare Center

Desert Bloom Skincare Center is excited to announce that SkinVive by Juvederm will be available to our clients as soon as it is released to the public market. We understand the importance of providing innovative and effective skin care treatments, and Juvederm SkinVive is an excellent addition to our list of services.

Our clients’ skin care needs are unique. That is why we are committed to providing a personalized approach to each treatment. We work closely with our clients to ensure that injectable gel is an optimal treatment for their specific needs, taking into consideration factors such as Fitzpatrick skin types, the treatment area, and skin hydration.


In conclusion, the FDA approval of SkinVive by Juvéderm is a significant milestone in the field of skin care. This injectable gel is the result of extensive experience and research, and its unique formulation is expected to revolutionize the way we approach dermatological surgery and aesthetic treatments. As the author of the clinical trial and a leader in the field, Juvéderm is paving the way for a new category of HA products that address the important unmet needs of consumers. We are eagerly waiting for SkinVive to be available in the public market, and we are confident that it will become a key way for dermatologists and skin care professionals to enhance the smoothness and firmness of facial skin. If you have any questions or concerns about SkinVive, please feel free to reach out to us via email or through our website.

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