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The artical is about discussing the topic of facial injection complications, their causes and how to prevent them. The article emphasizes that injectable procedures always carry risks and that anyone who claims the procedure to be risk-free should be avoided. The most common complications of injectable procedures, including facial fat transfer, are bruising and skin infection. The article gives recommendations on how to prevent these complications, such as stopping the use of blood-thinning agents before the procedure, using cannulas during facial injection, and following proper skin hygiene during and after the procedure.

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Today, we would like to talk about less pleasant topic, facial injections complications. Why do they occur? How to prevent

First, let’s make it clear, any injectable procedure contains risks. If you ever hear from your aesthetic injector, this procedure is completely risk free, my advice, run away as soon as possible and look for different provider. But jokes aside, what are these risks?  Let’s list them here in the order of likelihood.

  1. Number one complication from any injectable procedure, including facial fat transfer, is risk of bruising. To prevent bruising from happening, we ask our patients to stop any blood thinning agents, if possible. This includes: fish oil supplements, drinking alcohol a day before your procedure and taking NSADs medications, such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen. If you do have a headache during a week leading to your procedure, we recommend replacing NSADs with Tylenol (acetaminophen) instead. If you are taking prescription blood thinning medications, such as Eliquis for example, please do not discontinue your medications without consulting your doctor first.In our clinic, we use cannulas during facial injection. Unlike needles, micro cannulas are dull and less likely to penetrate a blood vessel, decreasing risk of not only bruising but other, more serios complication, vascular occlusion. More about vascular occlusion later, so read on.
  2. Second most common complication from injectable procedure is skin infection. To avoid this complication, both patient and a doctor will need to follow proper skin hygiene during and after the procedure. During the procedure, doctor must maintain proper clean field. In our clinic, we use sterile drapes and sterile equipment during fat harvesting, while properly cleansing the skin of your face, prior and during fat injections.After the injections, it is up to a patient, to follow post procedure protocol, to eliminate risk of infection. We recommend to avoid makeup, exercise and sweating for 48 hours post treatment.

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