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Sensitive skin, cosmetic reactions and rosacea

Millions of people straggle with skin allergies and sensitive skin, no one can be completely protected from cosmetic reactions, contact dermatitis and rosacea. Not many people have heard of this disease, but it is an inflammatory skin condition which affects the face. It is thought that the condition affects up to 14 million American people, yet some of them do not even realize what they have. So just exactly what is this condition that hardly anybody has heard of?

Rosacea is similar in appearance to acne and so often sufferers get confused and assume they have acne rather than this condition. Deference between acne and rosacea often depends on the skin type, to properly diagnose this condition please refer to your dermatologist.

Depending upon how severe the problem is the condition has often created many social problems for its sufferers as most are too embarrassed to even go out in public.

What causes rosacea?

The actual cause of rosacea condition is unknown and as of yet, there is no known cure for it either. The symptoms which often occur include:

  • Redness of the skin on the face, usually on the forehead, cheeks, nose or chin, overall sensitive skin
  • Spots which look a lot like acne
  • Visible blood vessels on the face
  • Watery and other irritable eye problems

It is also possible to have other symptoms such as a burning or stinging sensation within the face, facial swelling, sensitivity and the skin thickening on the face. The severity of the condition depends upon how much damage will be caused, however, generally the condition is mainly more embarrassing and emotionally scarring rather than physically. If you think that you have any signs of the condition it is always worth getting checked out at the dermatologist.

How to treat rosacea?

How to treat rosacea? It is hard to prevent rosacea due to the fact that it is not known what actually causes the condition. As each different person will have a different experience with the condition, the treatment will vary and you will have to first visit a physician in order to get the best treatment advice for you. Many people mis diagnose rosacea, mistaking simply sensitive skin for this disease.

Once you have the condition, your skin care routine can help to control it. The routine has to be gentle and it is important to clean the face with a non abrasive and mild cleanser, rinsing well with warm water. The most important part of the routine is to remember to blot the face dry with a thick cotton towel. You should never dry your face roughly as this could irritate the condition, cause more reactions and skin to become more sensitive.

Please call us to schedule your appointment and free consultation we would be glad to help you with your condition. Desert Bloom offers very soothing and healing Oxygen treatment healing power of oxygen works really well to help to soothe the irritated skin, heal redness caused by rosacea, sunburn, chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment.

My face gets really red in the sun, I think I might have rosacea, how can I tell?

If your skin only gets red on the sun, you most likely do not have a rosacea. Instead of playing guessing game schedule an appointment with your dermatologist, only he can diagnose if you do or don’t have this condition.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

Rosacea mostly consists of periods of flushing and redness that occurs on the face. When it first starts occurring, the symptoms may fade between flare-ups. Other symptoms also include the presence of small raised bumps, small visible blood vessels, and watery or irritated eyes. Over time and without treatment, the redness can become more persistent and the development of bumps and pimples may increase. There is no cure for rosacea, but doctors can ease and regulate symptoms with treatment.

I have breakouts on my face, how can I tell if this is acne or rosacea?

Acne condition include clogged pores, comedones with inflamed pustules (breakouts), patients with rosacea will not have any comedones but will suffer from over all skin redness and sensitivity.

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