Frown lines, also known as "11's" or glabellar lines, are wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows and can make a person appear angry or tired. They are caused by repeated facial expressions and aging. Frown lines can be treated with various cosmetic procedures such as injections or laser treatments at an aesthetic medicine clinic.

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  1. Botulinum toxin $3.5/unit-$10/unit
    15 minutes
  2. Microcurrent non-surgical facelift $110
    45 minutes
  3. Microneedling $199
    120 minutes
  4. Plasma Pen $300-$1000
    60 minutes
  5. RF Microneedling $800
    90 and up
  6. RF skin tightening $85
    60 minutes


This innovative method uses small quantities of harvested abdominal fat to achieve natural rejuvenation of the face.

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