Asymmetrical refers to a lack of balance or uniformity between two sides of the face or body. This can be due to genetic factors, injury, or natural aging processes. An asymmetrical appearance can make a person feel self-conscious or dissatisfied with their appearance. An aesthetic medicine clinic offers various cosmetic procedures to help improve symmetry and balance, such as injectables, or non-surgical facial contouring. A specialist can evaluate the face and recommend the best course of action to help achieve the desired look.

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  1. Botulinum toxin $3.5/unit-$10/unit
    15 minutes
  2. Non surgical facelift $2500
    60 and up
  3. Non surgical nose job with PDO threads $1250-$1750
    60 and up
  4. PDO Thread lift $120-$1180
    15 minutes and up
  5. Thread brow lift $1800
    60 minutes


This innovative method uses small quantities of harvested abdominal fat to achieve natural rejuvenation of the face.

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